As Fall comes to a close, students across America have only one thing on their minds: making plans on trading in the pencils and books for bathing suits and margaritas over spring break.

After a long winter of taking notes and filling out OpScans, students are given a one-week reward to do whatever they want.


Traveling over spring break can really break your bank if you don’t plan ahead and find a good deal. If you squander all of your dough throughout the semester, when it comes time for spring break, there might be a problem.

Fortunately world events and a little over supply have created the opportunity for some exceptional Spring Break Deals.

Cancun Mexico is making a strong comeback. People are finally realizing, Cancun is as safe as your favorite US beach destinations. Hotel rates are the best there have been in a long time. According to A stay at the all inclusive Grand Oasis Cancun will only run you $516 per person for 5 nights the first week in March. For a little more than $100/day, you can eat to your hearts content, drink like a fish, and enjoy virtually guaranteed weather at the amazing beachfront resort.


The dust has settled in Punta Cana and guess what, nothing happened out of the ordinary. Canadians are flocking to Punta Cana for the best prices in years. You too can take advantage of this with 5 night packages coming in under $600/person.


Breezes Bahamas is the best deal going in Nassau. This resort in March will be 100% college students and 100% fun. 4 night packages are running $649/per person.


The Destinations places like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are always popular locales for students looking to unwind from the long winter semester. The general rule is, if there is sand, sun and a drinking age of 18, it is considered a spring break hot spot.


Tons of travel agencies and websites offer cheap tickets and party packages to these tropical places. One site boasts a round trip ferry to Bimini and a five-night hotel stay for close to $500. They don’t mention that your first and last day of your vacation will be spent on a passenger ferry and once you get there, drinks and food will run you $100+ per person per day.


Following are a couple tips to help ensure you get the best deal on Spring Break.

  • Get your price quote in writing. The name of the resort and room type. If all-inclusive, what is included. Does the package include transportation from the airport to the hotel. Will there be onsite staff to assist you. What extras are included.
  • If booking with airfare, get exact flight times and airlines. Remember if you fly Southwest, you will save on baggage fees. Otherwise pack light and carry on your luggage.
  • Book Early. Late Fall is the best time to book. Specials are in full force. Once Christmas arrives the best flights start to fill up and the hotel specials will disappear.
  • Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort. There is no better value… Period.
  • If it sound too good to be true. It is! Read the fine print.

Spring break is all about having fun and being with people you care about. You can do this with or without spending a fortune.


As long as you are having fun and being safe, your spring break is bound to be priceless.